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04 October 2015

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Welcoming remarks by the SACU Executive Secretary Ms Paulina M Elago at the breakfast meeting on Trade Facilitation - Namibia Chapter

I am delighted to welcome you all to this dialogue on trade facilitation between the public and private sector, co-hosted by the SACU Secretariat and the Ministry of Finance, under the theme "TRADE FACILITATION IN SACU: THE ROLE OF TRADE FACILITATION IN SUPPORTING BUSINESS: THE NATIONAL CHAPTER-NAMIBIA".


SACU Executive Secretary paid courtesy call by Egypt's Ambassador

On 18 May, 2015 the Executive Secretary of SACU, Ms. Paulina Elago, was paid a courtesy call by Egypt’s Ambassador to Namibia. The Executive Secretary and Ambassador Mahmoud Fawzy Abou Dounya at the SACU Secretariat offices


Zimbabwe Ambassador pays courtesy call on the Executive Secretary of SACU

On 7 May, 2015; the Executive Secretary of SACU, Ms. Paulina Elago, received a courtesy call from Zimbabwe’s Ambassador to Namibia, Her Excellency Mrs. Rofina Ndakaziva Chikava.


SACU Priority Areas

Implementation of the new Revenue Sharing Formula

The implementation of the new Revenue Sharing Formula as contained in the 2002 SACU Agreement began in 2006. The new formula has the following components:

The Customs component: Each Member State share of the customs component shall be calculated from the Cost Insurance Freight (CIF) value at border posts of goods imported from all other Member Sates into the area of each as a percentage of the total CIF value of intra –SACU imports.

The Excise Component: Each Member State’s share of the excise component shall be calculated from the value of its GDP in a specific calendar year as a percentage of total SACU GDP in such a year.

The Development Component: The development component shall initially be set at 15% of the excise component, but shall be reviewed from time to time and will be adjusted if agreed to by all Member Sates.



SACU Members States