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SACU Institutions


The SACU Summit consists of the Heads of State or Government from each Member State. The Summit defines the political and strategic direction as well as priorities of SACU.

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Council of Ministers

The Council of Ministers consists of the Ministers responsible for Finance and for Trade, Commerce and/or Industry from each Member State.

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Customs Union Commission

The Commission reports to the Council and is responsible for the implementation of the SACU Agreement and ensures the implementation of the decisions of the Council.

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Ad hoc Tribunal

Article 13 of the SACU Agreement, 2002, makes provision for the settlement of disputes regarding the interpretation or application of the Agreement by an ad hoc Tribunal.

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Technical Liaison Committees

There are five Technical Liaison Committees, which assist and advise the Commission in its work.

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Tariff Board

The Tariff Board is an independent institution consisting of experts drawn from the Member States.

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National Bodies

National Bodies are Member States’ specialised independent and dedicated entities entrusted with the receiving requests for tariff changes and other related SACU issues.

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