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Agricultural Liaison Committee (ALC)

The Agriculture Liaison Committee shall adhere to and conduct its business according to the Rules of Procedure on the operation of SACU Institutions.

The role of the ALC shall be to assist and advise the Commission in its work. The Terms of Reference for the Agriculture Liaison Committee comprise generic and specific aspects.

Generic Aspects

  1. Provide technical advice to the Commission on agriculture and other related matters.
  2. Monitor the implementation of the SACU Agreement and its Annexes in so far as they relate to agriculture and other related matters, with a view to advise Commission.
  3. Support and facilitate the establishment and operation of SACU institutions provided for in the SACU Agreement.
  4. Facilitate the development and propose amendments to Annexes relating to agriculture and other related matters.
  5. Appoint task teams, where necessary, to facilitate the work of the ALC.
  6. Carry out all duties and perform all functions assigned to it by the Commission.
  7. Make proposals, from time to time, to Commission for any amendments to the Terms of Reference.

Specific Aspects

  1. Provide technical advice on matters affecting production, consumption, marketing and trade in agricultural products.
  2. Investigate research, implement and make recommendations on commodity-specific development strategies, aspects of harmonisation of agricultural policies, agricultural product standards and technical regulations.
  3. Provide technical advice on sanitary and phytosanitary issues, GMOs, and technical barriers to trade.
  4. Consult on new Marketing Regulations as well as amendments to existing Marketing Regulations in terms of Article 29, with a view to ensure that these Marketing Arrangements are implemented in a disciplined, non-discriminatory, transparent and coordinated manner.
  5. Advise on the application of the Infant Industry Protection provision and develop modalities for the application of the measure.
  6. Monitor and facilitate bilateral consultations between Member States concerning Agriculture.

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