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The Kingdom of Eswatini is an independent Monarchy, rich in traditions and heritage, led by King Mswati III, since 1986, as Executive Head of State with parliament and consultation prescribing laws and Customs. Eswatini is a Kingdom in Southern Africa, and covers an area of 17,363 square kilometres. Eswatini is virtually homogenous, most of the population being of the same tribe. Economically, Eswatini trades mainly with South Africa, which receives almost half of Swazi exports and supplies most of its imports.

The valley of heaven "the Ezulwini Valley" in the Highfield of Eswatini is home to the major tourist attractions with exceptional scenic routes. Also found in the valley is a wildlife sanctuary covering 4,500hectares containing a wide variety of mammals, birds, tree plants.

Economic Indicators 2021 and 2022

Capital City
Country size:
17 364 km2
GDP at current prices:
R57.7 billion
1,188,374 (2022)
Independence Day
6 September

GDP per capita:
Real economic growth rate:
Annual inflation rate:
Merchandise imports (intra-SACU Trade):
R19.0 billion
Merchandise exports (intra-SACU Trade):
R17.8 billion

Economic Performance 2021

Eswatini recorded a nominal GDP amounting to E65.4 billion in 2020 and is estimated at E73.0 billion in 2021.  In Eswatini, the pandemic accelerated amid economic and fiscal challenges which had already been taking place. Economic output is estimated to have contracted by 1.9 percent in 2020 amid weak external demand and lockdowns. However, growth projections indicate a rebound of 5.9 percent in 2021. Nonetheless, growth was stifled to a large extent by the pandemic and civil unrest which curtailed growth in key sectors like tourism, wholesale and trade. 

The medium-term outlook remains uncertain for the domestic economy. Some sectors would drive growth leading to an estimated 2.4 and 2.6 percent growth in 2022 and 2023 respectively down from an estimated 5.9 percent in 2021. 

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