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Corporate Services Directorate

The Directorate of Corporate Services is responsible for the provision of effective, efficient and cost-effective services to all SACU institutions, with the key focus being the support of the operational activities of the Secretariat. 

Financial Management and Procurement

The Financial Management Unit focuses on fulfilling its primary role as a strategic partner and adviser on financial management and financial reporting issues of the Secretariat. Specifically, the Unit is responsible for the following: (i) production of financial reports, cash flow forecasts, management accounts and annual financial statements; (ii) continued improvement and implementation of financial systems, processes and procedures; (iii) treasury management, including investment of funds; (iv) providing financial information to all relevant stakeholders to enhance decision making within the Secretariat; (v) compliance with all applicable accounting standards and regulatory requirements; and (v) financial risk management and corporate governance.

The Unit also ensures that higher standards of procurement and asset disposal are followed to enable the organisation to effectively address its logistical and operational needs. This function is carried out in line with the relevant Policies and Procedures, which ensure fairness, transparency, value for money in the procurement of goods and services as well as disposal of assets within the Secretariat.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Unit forms a key part of the organisation as it focuses on human capital which is an enabling factor for the achievement of the organisation's mandate. The Secretariat has an organisational structure which is aimed at strengthening its capacity to advance the objectives the SACU Strategic Plan. The Human Resources Sub-Directorate has the role of ensuring that the staffing levels are sufficient to enable the Secretariat’s in the to implement its Work Programme. This is done through the recruitment of highly experienced and qualified staff; retention and motivation of staff through competitive, welfare-based policies and strategies as well as performance management.  The Sub-Directorate is also responsible for payroll management, staff development and training, as well as the effective management of employee relations.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

The ICT Unit equips employees with technology solutions and services, within a secure and reliable environment, that supports the provision of an efficient and cost-effective service to SACU stakeholders. The Unit ensures the implementation of the SACU ICT Strategy and facilitates the management of the Secretariat business continuity environment. 

Records and Information Management

The Records and Information Management Unit was necessitated by Article 10 of the SACU Agreement, 2002, which mandates the Secretariat as the repository of all SACU records. In this role, the Unit manages and preserves the records of the Secretariat and other SACU institutions. The focal point is in ensuring that the records of all institutions are usable and available for decision-making, research and institutional memory. The Unit also supports the dissemination of SACU documents through the intranet and extranet platforms.

Facilities and Administration

The Facilities and Administration Unit is responsible for the management of SACU’s assets by ensuring that the assets are well maintained and safeguarded against all risks. The Unit provides assurance that assets are properly managed and controlled and ensures that maintenance programmes, replacement and disposal of assets are all undertaken in accordance with the relevant Policies, Procedures and Guidelines of the Secretariat. The Unit also ensures the health and safety of the employees, visitors as well as contractors operating within the SACU premises.

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