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Customs Technical Liaison Committee (CTLC)

The role of the CTLC shall be to assist and advise the Commission in its work. The Terms of Reference for the Customs Technical Liaison Committee comprises generic and specific aspects.

Generic Aspects

  1. Provide technical advice to the Commission on customs and other related matters.
  2. Monitor the implementation of the SACU Agreement and its Annexes in so far as they relate to customs and other related matters, with a view to advising Commission.
  3. Support and facilitate the establishment and operation of SACU institutions provided for in the SACU Agreement.
  4. Facilitate the development and propose amendments to Annexes relating to customs and other related matters.
  5. Appoint task teams, where necessary, to facilitate the work of the CTLC.
  6. Carry out all duties and perform all functions assigned to it by the Commission.
  7. Make proposals, from time to time, to Commission for any amendments to the Terms of Reference.

Specific Aspects

  1. Provide advice to Commission on the strategic direction for Customs development in the SACU region.
  2. Facilitate the development of measures to ensure the proper application of the Common External Tariff, excise policies and customs laws in Member States.
  3. Assist in the development and implementation of harmonised and simplified Customs policies, instruments and operational procedures.
  4. Facilitate cooperation between the SACU Customs administrations in support of trade facilitation and reduced transaction costs.
  5. Facilitate the development of strategies to support capacity building initiatives among SACU Customs Administrations.
  6. Facilitate the development of a coordinated Customs Operations Strategy and Joint Controls programme.
  7. Facilitate the establishment of one-stop border posts within SACU.
  8. Facilitate the introduction of a Single Administrative Document as a multi-purpose declaration for the importation, exportation and transit movement of goods.
  9. Facilitate the exchange of information between Customs Administrations.
  10. Provide an input into the negotiation of Trade Agreements with third parties.
  11. Monitoring performance against the WCO Framework of Standards which all members have committed to in terms of Customs to Customs and Customs to Business pillars.
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